Blue Ted's Day at Home  


  • FutureLearn Blog Post

    13 January at 08:12 from atlas

    I was asked by the wonderful team at FutureLearn if I would write a blog post for them about how I wrote Blue Ted's Day at Home as a ...

  • Kindle Edition out now

    13 December at 06:51 from atlas

    We are pleased to announce that the Kindle edition of Blue Teds Day at Home is now available.   ...

  • Pre-orders now available for Kindle

    7 December at 13:06 from atlas

    It is with a massive amount of excitement that I am announcing that Blue Ted's Day at Home is now available to preorder on Amazon ...

  • We have submitted the book as a Kindle eBook

    6 December at 10:12 from atlas

    I am hugely excited to announce that Blue Teds day at home has been submitted to Amazon to be listed as a Kindle eBook.  I will ...

  • The book is with the printers

    4 December at 07:36 from atlas

    Blue Ted's day at home is now with the team at Verve and we had the honour of holding a proof ...

  • The story is complete

    26 November at 17:21 from atlas

    The story and the images are complete and are now off to the Wonderful RHO Design to make it look AWESOME.  Watch this ...



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